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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Symbol of Grodno to appear in all iconic places of regional capital

20.11.2012 17:35

GRODNO, 20 November (BelTA) – The symbol of Grodno will appear in all iconic places of the regional capital, BelTA learnt from the ideology department of the Grodno City Council.

The city authorities summed up the contest for the best idea to decorate one of the busiest places of the city – the reconstructed Privokzalnaya Square. The winning entry is the sculpture of St. Hubert’s deer, a symbol of Grodno, which is depicted in the coat of arms of the city. Currently the project is being finalized. The sculpture of the deer crossing a barrier will be installed in the center of the square, near the railway station.

According to the city decoration concept, sculptures, information stands, memorial signs will be installed along tourist routes.

According to the city authorities, dozens of proposals from artists and sculptors on decoration of tourist routes have been examined. Yet, it was decided that the image of St. Hubert’s deer will remain the signature feature of Grodno. The symbol is expected to be used for designating the historic limits of the city, illumination, etc.

St. Hubert’s deer with a gold cross between its horns crossing a silver barrier is the official heraldic symbol of Grodno depicted on its coat of arms and flag. This image survives on the seals of the magistrate as of 1565. St. Hubert was the patron saint of hunters, which was important for the local population. Close to the town there were big hunting grounds of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and Grodno Pushcha. Deer is also a symbol of the human soul, nature.
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