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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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More Internet access regulations in Belarus

30.12.2009 17:33

MINSK, 30 December (BelTA) – Access to the Internet will not be restricted in Belarus but more regulations will be put in place, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told a press conference held on 30 December for the country’s central and provincial mass media.

“I remember getting delicately reproached by the Patriarch [of Moscow and All Russia] and then by [Patriarchal Exarch for All Belarus] Filaret about what is going on in the Internet. We have to and will respond to it but we will not ban anything. I oppose all kinds of prohibitions. But we will make people who break the law answerable. There will be order. The access will not be prohibited but there will be responsibility. The way it is done in other countries, in America. We have a long way to go to reach their standards but we will do so without prohibiting anything but strictly regulating and making people answerable”.
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