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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Belarus President against unrestricted construction in Minsk

17.01.2014 12:29

MINSK, 17 January (BelTA) – The construction of homes and industrial infrastructure in Minsk has to be restricted. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the instruction at the government session held on 17 January to discuss the construction of residential areas in Minsk Oblast for Minsk city residents.

The President stated that construction pace in Minsk has to change. “There are too many people living in Minsk already and we are facing certain problems because of it. Therefore, the construction of homes, industrial infrastructure facilities, and other kinds of infrastructure can be allowed in the city only as an exception,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

Construction in Minsk is virtually forbidden unless it is absolutely necessary, added the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that the lack of housing is a major problem in Minsk. The number of Minsk residents increases by 10,000-17,000 people every year. Taking into account the people, who commute to Minsk for work on a daily basis, Minsk’s population already exceeds 2 million people. “However, the capital city’s capacity for placing enterprises and providing Minsk residents with homes is already depleted. Minsk’s residential density already exceeds the residential density of several European capitals by 2-3 times, for instance, Berlin and Prague,” said the head of state.

Due to the residential density the city infrastructure faces excessive pressure. The abundance of vehicles in the streets results in traffic jams. The problem of connecting new enterprises and residential buildings to municipal networks is now more pronounced. At the same time a decrease in workforce is registered in rural areas all over Belarus. The number of people living in small and medium towns is falling, with their economic potential declining. “These processes are particularly vivid in Minsk Oblast. In view of the facts the coordinated territorial development of the capital city and the central oblast becomes a top priority,” believes the Belarusian leader.

Yet Alexander Lukashenko remarked that inside the Minsk ring road there are still land plots fit for development purposes. “These land plots should be auctioned and sold in a fair manner,” said the President. With this in mind Alexander Lukashenko instructed Head of the Belarus President Administration Andrei Kobyakov, Chairman of the State Control Committee Alexander Yakobson, and State Secretary of the Security Council Alexander Mezhuyev to make sure it is done in a transparent and honest manner.

“Therefore, let’s decide what land plots inside the ring road we should build on. Those are aplenty,” added Alexander Lukashenko.
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