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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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CIS peaceful nuclear energy agreement comes into force in Belarus

28.08.2012 18:54

MINSK, 28 August (BelTA) – Signed in Moscow on 14 September 2007, the agreement on cooperation in forming and sharing information resources and in creating and developing information systems of the member nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States in the area of peaceful uses of nuclear energy has been passed in Belarus. The decision is laid down by Belarus’ Council of Ministers resolution No. 779 of 23 August 2010, the press service of the Belarusian government told BelTA.

The Finance Ministry has been instructed to send a notification that the Republic of Belarus has accomplished the intrastate procedures required to enforce the agreement.

The agreement is designed to implement the CIS information space concept of 18 October 1996 and resolutions of the CIS commission on peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The document is topical due to the need to combine information resources in the area of peaceful nuclear energy uses, explained Liliya Dulinets, Head of the International Cooperation Office of the Nuclear Energy Department of the Belarusian Energy Ministry.

The main purpose of the agreement is to create an information base for economic integration on an equal and mutually beneficial basis, a legal environment for informatization, to enable technological conditions to make information accessible for users in the area of nuclear science and technology, she said.

The agreement provides for cooperation between the CIS member states in creating the conditions for the development and implementation of joint programs for the sake of effective and quality support for information interaction in peaceful uses of nuclear energy, formation of an information base on an equal and mutually beneficial basis, technological conditions, hardware and software means, telecommunication systems to enable access of users to information.

“The agreement will help step up interaction between the CIS states in sharing scientific, technical, and regulatory information in the atomic industry. It will help create and keep up-to-date information resources for joint use, beefing up security in using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” remarked Liliya Dulinets.
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28.08.2012 18:54 CIS peaceful nuclear energy agreement comes into force in Belarus
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