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Friday, 25 April 2014
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Leonid Maltsev:

Belarus’ approach to food security is effective

Belarus handles food security matters in an effective way, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Leonid Maltsev said at a meeting with students and professors of the Mogilev State Food University.

In his words, Belarus has ensured its food security and earns a lot by exporting agricultural products and goods made thereof. For many commodities Belarus is not dependent on import and can do without import. Specialists are now working to assimilate new import-substituting crops. Belarus used to import corn but now agricultural enterprises can fully supply themselves with seeds.

Meanwhile, lack of food is an acute global problem, with millions of people dying of starvation in Africa, for instance. Belarus pays close attention to food security, with the government pouring many times as much investment in agriculture as neighboring countries do. As a result, the population is fully supplied with food.

Following an instruction of the President of Belarus this year agricultural enterprises will have to rebuild and build 1,200 dairy farms. The effort is not meant to address the food security problem. Instead processing enterprises will get more raw materials and will increased dairy export, said Leonid Maltsev.

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