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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Vsevolod Shimov:

Ukrainian authorities should try neutrality towards western and eastern regions

Ukrainian authorities should seek a way out of the crisis via neutrality in their foreign policy and the policy towards eastern and western regions. The opinion was voiced by political analyst Vsevolod Shimov as he commented on the latest events in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast for the Belarusian TV channel ONT, BelTA has learned.

“One part of the nation led by the current government is trying in essence to suppress the other part of the country and declare those residents some wrong kind of Ukrainians. It shouldn’t be like that. The neutral status of the government in foreign policy matters and in relations with the western and eastern regions of the country is the way out,” believes Vsevolod Shimov.

A special operation has been launched by the Ukrainian army upon the authority of Acting President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. The government troops have entered some cities in Donetsk Oblast in response to actions of the residents of the region, who demand a referendum on the state structure of Ukraine and its federalization with the consequent determination of the status of new entities. Street protesters continue taking control over the administrative buildings of municipal authorities in Donetsk Oblast. On 16 April they retained control of the town halls in Zhdanovka and Makeyevka, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk. In the afternoon of 16 April unidentified people occupied the city hall in Donetsk without meeting any resistance.

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