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Friday, 25 April 2014
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Vasily Markovich:

Belarusian companies should raise foreign investments more actively

Belarusian companies should step up efforts to raise foreign investments and channel them into modernization, Belarus’ Ambassador to the Czech Republic Vasily Markovich told BelTA commenting on the State of the Nation Address of the Belarus President.

Alexander Lukashenko urged to stop ladling out public funds. However, he noted that the government will continue investing in the real economic sector. The Belarusian leader said he is in favor of a competition-based approach to distributing public funds.

“Indeed, we should not just give away money to companies to implement their upgrade projects. Private companies should step up efforts to raise foreign investments. After all, they are more mobile and are better able to make decisions fast, and this is their advantage,” the diplomat said.

According to Vasily Markovich, the Belarusian Embassy in Czechia offers utmost support to Belarusian companies looking for foreign partners and investors. “More than that, we also look for investors and help our companies to conduct talks with Czech partners and get loans,” he said.

The diplomat believes that the competition-based approach to distributing public funds is the right thing to do. “In any case, the government should be tough in implementing its program to upgrade and renovate domestic companies. Economic operators that are not included in the government program should rely on their own capital and resources if they want to be a success and keep growing. The government will help them whenever it can. The rest should be shut down or be reorganized,” Vasily Markovich noted.

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